The 2017 r/place Atlas

This is an atlas aiming to chart all the artworks created during the r/place April Fools event on Reddit in 2017.

The code was initially developed by , then continued by the Place Atlas team, and is available under the free AGPL license on GitHub. The original 2017 Atlas is still accessible, along with the respective code repository.

I have worked on the Atlas full-time (and more!) for over two weeks.

If you'd like to support me, you can do so by PayPal or Bitcoin.

If you donate more than 10(€/$/CHF/mBTC), I'll send you a nice sticker of the Place canvas!

If you donate by Bitcoin and want a sticker, please send me a message with your Bitcoin address before you make the transaction!


This project is open source, and contributions are welcome. In fact, the Atlas relies on user contributions.

To contribute a label for an artwork, please read this guide to learn how to submit a new entry, edit existing entries, or contribute to the development of the codebase.

The r/placeAtlas subreddit and the Discord server is also the place to submit all bug reports, feature requests, or questions.


Project Contributors

  • For the complete list of Place Atlas team, see here.
  • Others:
    • "The Final Clean" canvas: r/TheFinalClean community
    • Everyone who contributes from GitHub, Discord, or other channels.

Reddit Contributors

The 2017 Atlas would not have been possible without the help of our Reddit contributors.

Thank you to everyone who submitted new entries, amended existing ones, reported bugs and just supported the project in general.


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